Monday, 25 June 2012

Episode 62 - Of Lists and Fluff - Monday, June 25, 2012

Link to Episode 62!

Creativity Studio

Link to Sundara Yarn main site.  Link to all available colours in silk lace.

Link to All The Pretty Fibers' shop on etsy.  Direct link to one of her handspun lace weights.  Yes, it is more than $90-$100, but it is 780yds of plied lace weight yarn!

Link to Everything Old Crafts on etsy, and a link to her shop on artfire.  Direct link to Fairy Lights colourway on sock yarn.

Link to Skein Yarn.  Direct link #1 to the colourway "Chinatown" (I mistakenly thought there was chartreuse in there.  Sorry for the error.)  Direct link #2 to the colourway "Outlaw".  Direct link #3 to the colourway "Metallurgy".

Link to The Unique Sheep.  Direct link #1 to all Gradiance colourways.  Direct link #2 to Colours for a Cause where proceeds go to charity.

Wiki link about qiviut.

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