Friday, 1 June 2012

The Summer of U.F.O.s

Right now, this very minute, a craft-a-long is going on over on the RAICAS board on Its concept is simple: finish up some of those U.F.O.s that have been hanging around far too long!

This craft-a-long is running from June 1 2012 to August 31 2012.  Participants have the chance to win a prize: a shawlette, made by me, called the Passionate Podcaster.  It is a small lacy shawl in a very vibrant red.

To get one ballot to enter, simple post in the Summer of U.F.O.s thread in the RAICAS group over on Ravelry.  You *must* post at least one post per month (total 3 posts) to get one chance to win.

Now, not everyone is a crafter.  Or maybe you don't have any Un-Finished Objects (U.F.O.s) that need finishing.  Or maybe you just don't want to join Ravelry.  That's okay!  You can have a chance of winning too!  Just comment here on this post once sometime during the time the craft-a-long is running (just one comment is fine) to get one ballot for the draw.  If you are commenting here, please don't forget to add a way of contacting you: either email address or Ravelry name will do.  More than one comment does not mean more ballots.  One ballot per person.

I will add to this post as need be over the course of the craft-a-long.

Happy and good luck!

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